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Dimitri's Story


Dimitri House is named after Dimitri Mamczur, a homeless man who lived in two taped-together cardboard boxes under an expressway bridge on I-590 in Rochester, New York.


On a cold, rainy night while heading back to his humble shelter, Dimitri was hit by a car. For two weeks Father James Callan, then pastor of Corpus Christi Church, spent time with him. He anointed him and offered him gentle, encouraging words of hope. Dimitri died two weeks later.


Over 150 people came to Dimitri's funeral to say goodbye and celebrate his life. People who knew him shared stories about how he would help local merchants but decline money when offered; how he would give his last cigarette to a homeless friend; and how he would collect bottles and cans to buy bread to feed the birds.


Many were touched by Dimitri's story and made a commitment to do more for the homeless and poor of Rochester. From there, our property was purchased and named Dimitri House.


Today, we continue to honor Dimitri by serving our neighbors in need with love and acceptance, joining them on their journey toward self-sufficiency.  

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