Amy Edwards, Chairperson [bio]


Eugene Rogalski, Vice President [bio]


Brianna Rawleigh, Treasurer [bio]

Gene Renner, Secretary [bio]


John Albertini [bio]

Beth Timmerman [bio]

Joel David Lesses [bio]

Lisa Martone [bio]

Heidi Markham [bio]







Leadership Team



Laurie Jones-Prizel, Executive Director [bio]

Anjill Lee Burr, Program Coordinator [bio]






Visit us:

102 North Union Street

Rochester, New York 14607




Call us:

(585) 325-1796 phone

(585) 546-2678 fax

Office Hours:

Monday through Thursday, 9 to 5

Friday, 9 to 12

Closed 12 to 1 for lunch


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